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So this is our second Montage Monday for February, we have clips in here from my ABQ boys I filmed on a visit down there as well as the DNV boys killing up here as they do. We have been saving clips for a project we have started so these are clips that didn’t make the cut plus a bunch of park footage of all the homies going for it. Everyones clips in here go hard but my personal favorites are  Alex Gonzales and Joe Poisson. If you know the either of these guys that’s just another day but they never cease to amaze me. I’m always excited for new footage so check it all out hope you like it.

Music - The Meters - The Clapping Song

Riders -
Joe Poisson
Collin Post
Evan Johnson
Dawson Foster
Dawson’s homie my bad
Justin Zimmerman
Preston Levi
Dan Nielsen
Josh Dunn
Shane VanVeldhuizen
Tremaine Stewart
Dustin Arp
Daniel Comacho
Johnny Atencio
Chris Foehse
Alex Gonzales
Mike Meister

So for this weeks 5 On It we have Justin Zimmerman riding Broomfield skatepark, thanks to our homie cuddi for shoveling it earlier that day so we could all have a session too. Justin is super dialed, he killed this park with ease. With grinds going both ways, his spins going both ways he made it to that 5 bucks with little to no effort killing everything in his way. With all the homies in tow backing him made for a fun session, check it out.

Rider - Justin Zimmerman

Music - J5ATRON - Grape Soda Drum Line

Evan is a new friend of mine that’s another Denver transplant that absoulty destroys! Evan rides Parker skatepark and could have not asked for a better night to film, with an empty park and Evans ability to get everything within very few tries and what I mean by very is is one or two at most! That as well was just killing it and got more clips that I could not help but share. Check this weeks I Got $5 On It with Evan Johnson at Parker skatepark.

Rider – Evan Johnson

Music – J5ATRON – Kings Buffet
” – Mario Carrasco

For this weeks I Got 5 On It we have Denver transplant Collin Post doing our first street 5. He shred at the famous East High “E”, its an mellow up down bank with a huge E in the middle. He kills it to say the least and was a great time out filming with him. Between his general personality and skills made it for awesome time before the cops and the frigid cold tried to shut us down but not before Collin got his $5!
Rider - Collin Post

Music - J5ATRON - Mighty Destroyer


This was the first of many jams to come from what I have been told by my homie Preston, he is the man behind In Bars We Trust.

"In Bars We Trust is a movement in Denver, Colorado that is working to better the local BMX community. Our goal is to continue to support our growing culture with different events and artwork that facilitate and promote the BMX lifestyle. Together, we can all help further this mindset of "fun and community" for many years to come! Stay tuned and stay up!!" - Preston Levi

So check out what the first jam had to offer. not everything was filmed because well, it was nice out and i wanted to ride to say the least but we have so many killers in this video. All in all it was a great jam in his back yard with many more to come check it out.

Shout out to my home girl Tricia as well for getting those last two clips, thank you.

Music - J5ATRON - Spit Venom In Interview

Riders -
Joe Possion
Adrian Vigil
Josh Dunn
Pat Vigil
Sean Hanni
Mario Carrasco
Tremaine Stewart
Dan Nielsen

Sorry if I didn’t get your name

On this weeks I Got 5 On It we have Trey Herrera, Trey can boost and do tricks I will never do! He rips around Greenwood Village skatepark and earns himself $5 bucks after him and a few homies shoveled out the park of snow. Despite the snow trying to stop our session once again it went off pretty well. Trey killed it without sweating one trick,he is so dialed at what he does it is just ridiculous. I wish I could do half that stuff on lock as he does with ease, so check it out as Trey shreds Greenwood Village skatepark.

Rider - Trey Herrera

Music - J5ATRON - The Great Barracuda


Animal’s QSS 6 Ratman Promo


Montage Mondays! This is a new series we will be running the first Monday of every month just do get out any clips we have sitting around or just didnt have a real home. These will be filmed over a month and featuring riders from anywhere on our travels, and showcase all types of riding.

For our first Montage Monday we have a collection of some leftovers from Rail Talk, as well as a few sessions from A to B in Denver at different parks and street with a few Albuquerque spots thrown into the mix.

Adam Accardi
Derek Dorame
Dom Roark
Chris Foehse
Joe Poisson
Johnny Atencio
Adam Perea
Andres Velasco
Alex Bingham
Derek Dial
Dustin Arp
Vidal Vigil
Bryan Cawthon
Austin O’Maley
Shane VanVelduizen

J5ATRON - Flabbergasted

Filmed By
Alex Gonzales
Mario Carrasco
Matson Hunter

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So for this weeks I Got $5 O It we have Denver transplant Derek Cano. Derek kills Erie Skatepark outside Northern Denver, its the first Street League certified park I believe as well. Derek is a super good on his bike to say the least, his switchfooted manny line in here kills it and same can be said about how fast he rides. It was a it rough keeping up at times as well as getting a flat tire lol but take a look and hope you enjoy.

Rider - Derek Cano

Music - J5ATRON - Dragon Sleeper

Here is another ABQ DNV video from the series I Got $5 On It featuring Tremaine Stewart!